Our Story

I started rving when I was 7 and didn't even realize it. We'd go out for weekends in the mid 1970's in our Mobile Traveler mini motorhome to camp, fish, mushroom hunt and play. In 1978, we moved from Ohio to Indiana where my father became Midwest Editor of Trailer Life Magazines. What a childhood! Looking back on publications from 1978 to 1982, I'm on a majority of the Trailer Life covers with my brothers and sister on a few as well. We'd travel all summer, testing new rv's and products, go to Good Sam and Holiday Rambler rallies and I used to think, "Gosh, I wish I could be home with my friends in the summer!" Now, as an adult I wish "Gosh I wish I had my dad's job now!" What a great childhood and a great life I've had.


Anyway, over my adult years, I've continued to dabble or work in the RV industry and have a love of the lifestyle. I've had a few websites over the years but nothing that I put a lot of time into. In September of 2014, my wife and I started this website with my fathers books...  www.rverbookstore.com


We will be adding more titles over the next several months and hope to be able to offer other rver's a good discount on other great books. We appreciate the opportunity you're giving us and hope we're able to meet and exceed your expectations.


Our very best and happy travels,


Thad & Joyce Wright